"We take care of the numbers, allowing you the peace of mind to get on with what you are really good at. "

Our rural clients have helped to shape BWR, and ultimately have formed the backbone of who we are today. We love learning about every client’s story, how that story has shaped their business, and how the family interacts in this unique and dynamic environment. Through our experience we offer our clients the collective insights we have developed over more than 100 years in business and through managing and steering hundreds of rural clients businesses in that time. This history has allowed us to become the experts at identifying opportunities and tailoring custom solutions for our clients rural businesses. 

  • +Our Rural Specialities

    • Succession planning  - facilitating family meetings, opening communication channels, bringing families together, creating succession plans and timelines, establishing collective capital and cash flow requirements, creating tax efficiency, structuring and asset protection. Planning for retirement and quantifying associated financial needs.
    • Developing strategic farm  plans, business plans, competitive advantage strategies.
    • Tax consultancy including rural specific tax services - providing tax health checks & exposure reviews, dealing with international tax matters, rural specific tax minimisation, specialist transactional and structure based advice. 
    • Project analysis, capital expenditure cost benefit and payback analysis.
    • Property purchase – due diligence, feasibility analysis, negotiation and financing.
    • Benchmarking for; farming type, land class and comparative analysis. Key Performance Indicator development, management and reporting. Business health-checks, SWOT analysis and strategy alignment. Risk analysis and running what-if scenarios to evaluate your capacity for cash flow and overall financial risk.
    • Farm advisory board support services and facilitation. Customised virtual CFO and/or board/management team advisory services, business mentoring and coaching.
    • Wealth management - investment evaluation facilitation, venture capital opportunities, due diligence considerations. Investor support, looking at off-farm investment options and working with investment partners.
    • Farm sale support – evaluating sale and agent options, presenting financial information to market the properties strengths, assisting with sale and contract negotiations, minimising tax consequences.