"Assisting you with multi- generational investment structures, providing strategic support in the investment environment, and helping you secure and protect your assets for generations to come."

BWR has positioned itself as a partner for our client’s investment needs and helped facilitate investment decisions, tax structures, wealth transfers and dispersion over more than 100 years in business. In that time we have come up with unique, tailor made solutions for our clients that allow them to realise their investment goals, as we help them through the strategies to achieve them. 

  • +Our Investment Specialities

    • Tax consultancy & specialist tax services - providing tax health checks & exposure reviews,  dealing with international tax matters and tax issues associated with overseas and Trans-Tasman investment, working with passive investor specific tax issues, specialist tax buying a passive business investment – due diligence, value assessment and negotiation, venture capital and financing options.
    • Investment support - looking at indirect investment options and working with investment providers.
    • Investment structure evaluation – assessing structuring options. Evaluating functionality, flexibility, asset protection, tax efficiency, and future proofing the structure(s). 
    • Family Trusts utilisation – asset protection planning, family succession management, retirement funding, gifting and debt forgiveness, statutory Trust management and governance.
    • Professional Trustee Service – independent Trustee, Trust Guardian or Trustee advisory services.
    • Succession planning  - facilitating family meetings, opening communication channels, bringing families together, creating succession plans and timelines, establishing collective capital and cash flow requirements, creating tax efficiency, structuring and asset protection. Planning for retirement and quantifying associated financial needs.
    • Estates, Wills and Powers of Attorney – providing independent support and helping manage estates, inter-generational equity, asset succession and personal family characteristics