"What you do today is important - because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. "

We understand that running a Not for Profit or Charitable Organisation, holds a myriad of challenges. Not least of which is ensuring that the entity is complying with the latest reporting standards, and that the capital and cash flow on hand is being managed correctly and to it’s full potential. BWR has helped steer numerous organisations with their governance parctices, cash flows and capital structures, to assist clients in making rationalised, objective decisions so that organisations can focus on the core business of giving back to the people they serve and represent. 

  • +Our Not for Profit Specific Specialities

    • Developing and facilitating the development of strategic plans – implementation, management and monitoring support. Key Performance Indicator development including non-financial measures, management and outcome reporting. Project analysis - Capital Expenditure cost benefit and payback analysis.
    • Administration support services - paying monthly accounts, invoicing customers, banking income and reconciling debtor ledgers.
    • Trust and incorporated society administration support services. Paying monthly accounts, inputting and managing debtor and creditor ledgers. Invoicing customers, subscribers, stakeholders, banking income and reconciling debtor ledgers.
    • Transactional matters, capital expenditure and restructuring decisions - contract negotiation & evaluation, finance sourcing and negotiation, cost benefit analysis for asset acquisition or disposal.
    • Trust and incorporated society management and governance support services. Professional Trustee Service – independent Trustee, Trust Guardian or Trustee advisory services.
    • Customised virtual CFO and/or board/management team advisory services, business mentoring and coaching.
    • Wealth Management - investment evaluation facilitation, venture capital opportunities, due diligence considerations, wealth management structure options, working with investment providers.
    • Business Structure evaluation – assessing the pros and cons of structuring options. Evaluating, functionality, flexibility, asset protection, tax efficiency, flexibility. Future proofing the business structure(s).
    • Family Trusts utilisation – asset protection, Trust succession management, retirement funding, gifting and debt forgiveness, statutory Trust management and governance. Professional Trustee and/or Independent Trustee services.
    • Estates, Wills and Powers of Attorney – providing independent support and helping manage estates, inter-generational equity, asset succession and personal family characteristics.



  • +Full Service - Business Support Specialities

    • Budgets, rolling forecasts, cash flow preparation and periodic reporting.
    • GST / PAYE / FBT / ACC- return preparation and support, transactional queries and assistance,  specialist tax and compliance advice.
    • The preparation and presentation of End of Year Financial statements.
    • Preparation of full-scale annual reports including management commentary, trend and comparative analysis, graphically illustrated outcomes.
    • Accounting and business software support - Selecting and sourcing the right software, providing training and support, business software integration, add-on software implementation and support.
    • Technology support and Education – on-site tutorial sessions, technology integration and purchase recommendations, hardware set-up, general software installs and upgrades, back-ups, network management, security installation and upgrades, and general I.T. support from a specialist team.
    • I.T. remote access support over the internet - securely accessing your computer to provide a wide range of support services, fixes, upgrades, and all forms of general I.T. assistance.
    • Company legislative and administrative requirements.
    • Tax Disputes - addressing payment and/or return error issues, assisting with IRD enquiries, audits or investigations.