• Teressa Burton

  • Senior Accountant

Teressa is one of our most widely respected team members at BWR.  Her knowledge and years of experience across a variety of sectors makes her an invaluable resource to her fellow team members. Teressa’s well-mannered, respectful and hardworking demeanour sees her held in the highest regard by a number of our successful longstanding clients for whom she has provided service to for a number of years.    

Fresh out of school, Teressa joined Brown Webb Richardson in April 1986. Having studied extramurally through Massey University, Teressa is now proud to call herself an Associate Chartered Accountant. Teressa admits she’s seen great change over time, not only within the world of accountancy, but within the wider financial environment.

Teressa works with Regan Loach looking after a predominantly rural client base. She also passionately looks after one of our more interesting and unique client’s, the Guthrie Smith Trust, which is developing a wonderful Arboretum at Lake Tutira.

In her spare time Teressa enjoys reading and getting out into the outdoors.

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