• Rachel Pakoti

  • Accountant

Personable, cheerful and studious, Rachel is committed to offering a responsive and diligent service to clients. With a genuine interest and love of learning from the varied work our clients bring to our firm, her joy comes from the attention and diversity of thought required to complete a job well and in a manner that best serves each client.

Fresh from high school Rachel was introduced to the accounting environment as a young school leaver and has continued on and off through the years whilst taking time to raise a family with her husband Edward. She has seen many changes in the accounting world and is always keen to learn about the latest updates.

Her love of family and her marae are an inherent part of who she is and Rachel feels privileged that she can use her skills learnt to serve her marae and wider whanau and vice versa bringing a rich appreciation to her work set.

A firm believer in a ‘positive but practical’ outlook to life with ‘laughter being the best medicine’ Rachel enjoys the art of those who can master taking the mundane of everyday life and wittingly transform it into an extremely funny story. For her, an evening of beautiful kai, a good yarn together with a hearty laugh shared with friends or whanau is bliss.


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